Scott Lilly is the President of the Opportunity Funding Corporation (OFC) and Chief Programs Officer for Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF). Scott joined TMCF in 2010 and is responsible for the overall direction of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. He also oversees TMCF’s scholarship, career readiness, research, student, and faculty programs. Additionally, Scott is responsible for the overall execution and project management of the Apple and TMCF HBCU Diversity Initiative.

Prior to joining TMCF, Scott was the Director of Business Planning and Operations for RushmoreDrive.com, InterActiveCorp’s (IAC) programming business unit, and served as Associate Director, Talent Management, and Development for IAC, the parent company to RushmoreDrive.com. Before joining IAC, he spent five years as a leasing broker on the Bank of America account with Lincoln Harris, a full-service commercial real estate firm, in Charlotte, NC.

Scott received a full athletic scholarship to attend Virginia Commonwealth University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Urban Land Development. In his spare time, he enjoys practicing yoga (hot, Bikram, vinyasa, yin), reading magazines, and traveling. When Scott grows up he plans to have a basketball and leadership academy for young boys.