Job creation and business sustainability are global concerns. The number of new businesses is not keeping pace with the number of business closures each year, and the United States is ranked 12th in the world in the number of new businesses created annually. Startups fuel job creation, are essential to economic health, and entrepreneurs are critical to the American economy. Since 2000, the Opportunity Funding Corporation (OFC) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program has had a tremendous impact on entrepreneurship program development at the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).  As a division of TMCF, we ensure that the HBCU community does its part to produce a talented and diverse pipeline of future entrepreneurs.

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Kehlin Swain


I participated in the Hackathon Track. The highlight of my experience was learning how to build an API for an iOS app in two days, and winning the Hackathon Competition. I was able to go to the World Wide Developer Conference and work with the top developers in the World! The Hackathon helped me refine my life. XplosionSportsTechnology raised $10,000, and three teams expressed interest in beta testing the product. In short, information changes circumstance; because of the Hackathon, I believe that if I set my mind on something it is possible.

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OFC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program


The OFC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program provides resources and knowledge needed to bridge the business building gap for HBCU students. Our program connects students with the startup ecosystem and equips and empowers them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through coaching, training, and networking.


Durham, NC


May 21-25, 2018
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